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Dentist Appointment

Patient Feedback

Stephen Miloser has been our dentist in Pittsburgh for 16 years. We are very pleased and keep going back to the North Hills office. - Virginia L.

I was so impressed with the progress I made after visiting Dr. Miloser in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. I never had to doubt their qualifications. They made their credentials completely obvious, which made me feel a lot safer. I love that they are always more than happy to answer my questions and actually welcome questions. I've felt awkward at some other dentist offices in Pittsburgh that I've visited when I've tried to ask many questions, but not here. Not only did they give me a local anesthetic to make sure I didn't feel any pain during my procedure, but they also paused every few minutes to make sure I was still comfortable and okay. I felt like they really cared about me.  - Jim J.


Dr. Stephen J. Miloser is my dentist in Pittsburgh. My most recent visit with him was two months ago for a regular checkup and cleaning. Prior to that, I got a filling done.  I go to his office on Freeport Road in Harmar. I think he is thorough. He does not try to create work for you except what is required. He is efficient, and he does good work. He does not do unnecessary work. His office environment is good. I will use his services again in the future. - Houman A.


Dr. Miloser is simply amazing. I have a fear of having dental work done because I have ha 6 jaw surgeries for TMJ I have been to a Dr who refers to himself as the train he wanted to do unnecessary work. Dr Miloser did what was needed and made my TMJ better than it has been in 40 years. There will never be anyone else to touch my mouth but Dr. Miloser. He is truly THE BEST - Jean C.

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